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Clinical Biochemistry
Clinical Biochemistry tests study the changes that occur in the chemical and biochemical mechanism of the body during diseases generally by analyzing body fluids like blood or urine.
Clinical Pathology
Clinical Pathology tests deal with the diagnosis of diseases usually based on laboratory analysis of bodily fluids such as blood or urine.
Serology and immunology tests involve the study of blood serum to find out the response of the immune system to pathogens or foreign substances.
Haematology tests involve examination of blood in relation to diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases especially related to blood and bone marrow.
Microbiology tests determine the nature of infectious diseases by identifying the microorganisms that cause the disease.
Histopathology tests involve microscopic examination of tissues to study the changes in them caused by a disease.
Cytology tests involves examination of cells collected by fine needle aspiration,PAP smear Test or from body fluids, To diagnosis various diseases.

How It Works

We believe that everyone deserves quality healthcare and that is why our diagnostic services follow a simple three-step process any layman can easily understand. The three-steps are:

Registration is done prior to the test at the Front Office.
Testing: Customer is directed to the location of testing and testing is done by well-trained professionals using high quality equipment.
Reporting: The customer will be given a user code and password with which he can login to the Online Reports section in our website to access test reports or be can collect the report from report counter.

Customers can provide their valuable feedback through the chat facility we provide so that we can better understand the needs and concerns of the customers directly from them.

Customer Experience

  • Abdullakutty, Kakkat, Kakkodi Aug 05, 2016

    " Very good Lab. Iam taking my reports from online very simply. Thanks. .

  • T M Mohanan, Vellimadukunnu Apr 20, 2016

    " Very efficient and quick service. You are constantly improving your faciliies. Please keep up the quality and maintain the good standards. thank you for providing such service in calicut.. .

  • Chakrapani KP, Pulpally Apr 20, 2016

    " Aswini Diagnostic Services offers more than test results. The service providers work collaboratively with the treating physician to advise on the selection and clinical application of laboratory testing in a patient’s overall episode of care. . This tie exemplifies the integration with the customers’ health care practice, resulting in seamless continuity between the diagnostic process and treatment.With every specimen, a patient is waiting for an answer. . .

  • Sudheesh Kumar AB, Calicut Apr 20, 2016

    " My experience on 05.12.2013 ---------------------- Excellent! Notice Board said counter starts @ 7.30 am but they started @ 7.15 and very good customer relationship and report got online at 9.45 am... Keep it up.... .

  • Salih A. Mannil, Mukkom, Kodiyathoor Apr 20, 2016

    " Very Professional..Net service is excellent. The Data is available in net for long time.. It is recommended to keep the data base of the custome if he provide the SID No.@ the time of test, so he can retrive it with same username and password once provided. . .

  • Linta, Guruvayoor Apr 20, 2016

    " Very good service..excellent ...no more words ..... .

  • Shamaan MP, Chathamangalam Apr 20, 2016

    " Prompt and punctual... Keep going. .

  • Shamsudheen A V, Chennara,Tirur Apr 20, 2016

    " Aswini done very well for thier patients throug online and your facilities are also good,keep it up. .

  • Rajesh C, Ramanattukara Apr 20, 2016

    " Excellent, Everithing including Registration, test & online report. Keep it up... .

  • Shanavas KK, Calicut Jul 11, 2016

    " Excellent. .

  • Ashif K, Business Aug 05, 2016

    " Service Quality 100% Excellent. Even some hospitals are not servicing @ 50% vs Aswini. I got the online Report within 1 hour. Thanks to Aswini Lab Team.!! .


    " Excellent service, well behaved staff, prompt report delivery. .

  • JB, Manager Aug 23, 2016

    " Excellent service. I can get the report of my mom sitting in bangalore itself. Good work. Keep it Up. .



  • Mohamed Muslih TC, Software Engineer Dec 28, 2016

    " Faster and most reliable reports.. best benefit is need to wait along to get reports generated.. good work aswini .

  • John Lucas, Banking Dec 28, 2016

    " The best in calicut. Reliable, Pragmatic, and efficient in all ways in delivering the rights. The people who work behind this really needs appreciation. .

  • adv.Aravindan, adbvocate Apr 11, 2017

    " Gave specimen 04042017 .I was asked to collect the report on 08-04-2017 by 1 PM. As the report was not ready,sent a message to that effect on 8-4-17 but no reply. Report not ready even now. So sad .


    " GOOD .

  • Shiju Naduvannur, Civil Police Officer Jun 07, 2017

    " Words are not enough to congratulate the crew behind the commendable service. Thank you very much..... .


    " position of glass in front of cash counter is creating difficulty to the customer. Every one should bend at the counter. Treat this as a suggestion for improvement. .


    " Excellent service and Online Service also Excellent .

  • Jijeesh P G, Manager-North Kerala Aug 05, 2017

    " Aswini Diagnostic is providing the outstanding services. One of the main attraction is ,getting lab accurate results on time online and offline always. I recommend Aswini Diagnostic to all. Thank you. .

  • Jithin Vijayan, Student Aug 25, 2017

    " Excellent online performance. Please try to include permanent user account database for patients. That will be more user friendly. Congrats. .

  • Biju T, Bank Staff Aug 25, 2017

    " Very good experience, Prompt support at all counters... fast reports by online .

News Room

  • Aswini Diagnostic Services Aug 05, 2016

    Aswini Diagnostic Services is the first reference clinical laboratory in North Kerala to acclaim NABL accreditation.

  • We abide by the ISO 15189:2012 Aug 05, 2016

    We abide by the ISO 15189:2012 which specifies requirements for quality and competence in medical laboratories.

  • Updated Microbiology Aug 05, 2016

    We have updated our Microbiology department , with automated culture and identification system